Play game to become rich. Yes, you can become rich by playing a game, not exactly but you can come to know about the reality of money. You will understand the money and basics of investment.

The main difference between rich and poor people is that rich people understand the game of money or you can say that they understand how money works but poor people never even try to understand.


But this game will teach you the basics of accounting which will be helpful for your life and you will learn, how to manage finance. The most important thing you will learn is the role of assets and liabilities in making someone rich or poor.

Assets mean those items which help in earning more money and liabilities mean those items which take money from you.

So the name of the game is cash flow, which will cost you a little amount of money if you want to download it from Play store but you will get that game in this blog free of cost.

So let’s talk about this game. You won’t believe but you will learn a lot about how money really works and how you can become a millionaire by understanding the concept for free.

This game is designed by ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI who is the writer of one of my favorite books “Rich dad poor dad”.

You will not understand (I think so😀) the game at first but when you just try to play it for 4 – 5 times you will understand the game.

Up to 6 people can play and enjoy the game. So play this game, understand the concept of money, and use that knowledge to earn money.

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