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I Hate Myself – 16 Signs and 14 Ways To Combat

I Hate Myself – 16 Signs and 14 Ways To Combat. Before you can love anybody else, you must first learn to love yourself. and why wouldn’t we adore ourselves? But loving and caring for oneself is not that simple.

Even if you believe you love yourself, you can find that out by the way you treat yourself.  Your behaviors toward yourself reveal whether or not you love yourself.

All we need to do is be gentler with ourselves. Can you imagine how much better off we would be if we treated ourselves the way we treated our girlfriend?

So, what are some self-deprecating behaviors that indicate you don’t love yourself? In this post, we will find out those actions we do that can harm us in many ways.

I Hate Myself – 16 Signs You Hate Yourself

1. If You Don’t Forgive Yourself

Never fixate on your past mistakes since you can’t change what happened, and if you’re not forgiving yourself for those mistakes, it’s a symptom of self-hatred.

If you forgive everyone but not yourself, you do not love yourself. You must recognize that no one is flawless, and you are no exception, therefore we cannot always be right.

My buddy, you should not be too harsh on yourself when you make a mistake because  It’s fine to make errors since they help you learn and grow. So, anytime you feel terrible about your errors in the past, remind yourself to forgive.

And every time you ask yourself, “How could I have done such a thing?” Keep in mind that You are a human being, not a god.

2. If You Don’t Praise Yourself

While it is nice to be praised by others, you should also make a point of praising yourself. What are your best qualities, talents, and skills? Do you value them, or do you disregard them?

How frequently do you tell yourself that you are gorgeous, clever, and gifted? Or do you believe your unique talents and characteristics are completely irrelevant? You don’t love yourself if you don’t frequently appreciate yourself.

So, praise yourself for being wonderful. Make it a habit and you’ll notice a difference in your personality and self-confidence.

“You’re strong, intelligent, and beautiful. Yes, you are.”

3. If You Don’t Accept  Praise

Are you the type of person that usually downplays other people’s compliments? Or you believe others are simply trying to impress you, but they are not really praising you. You don’t believe it when others compliment you.

You must quit this mentality and begin to accept praise. Accepting praise demonstrates self-love. Believe it when others say nice things about you. Don’t assume they’re lying.

You are extremely powerful when you are aware of your own strength.

4. If You Remain In Toxic Relationship

I know one of my friends who ruined her own life because of a toxic relationship, knowing that the relationship was never going to succeed. Don’t be like my friend.

You do not love yourself if you continue to be in relationships where you are treated less than you deserve. Why will you make excuses for someone who continues to treat you like garbage?

People can not love, respect, or treat you better than you love, respect, and treat yourself. You set the tone for how people will treat you. So, if you love yourself, get out of such relationships since you know you will never be happy in such relationships.

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5. If You Try To Please Everyone

First and foremost is to realize that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to please everyone. While it is admirable to be generous and go the extra mile for others, But at what price? You should not live your life trying to impress others at the expense of your own happiness.

You make an effort to satisfy people, to fit in, and to feel accepted. Despite everything, you still don’t feel accepted, and this isn’t because people don’t accept you; it’s because you haven’t fully accepted yourself as you are – Dragos Bratasanu’s 

Placing yourself first and ensuring your own happiness is proof of self-love because you can never please everyone. Constantly making ourselves unhappy in order to make others happy is a self-destructive behavior that must be broken.

6. If You Focus On Negative

One of my friends is an intraday trader. When he was upset one day, I asked him why, and after hearing his explanation, I was horrified. He gained 10784 Indian rupees in the first intraday trading session, but he was disappointed since he lost 1377 rupees in the second trade session.

This leads me to believe that folks nowadays are more worried about bad results. Even if you had a fantastic day, you tend to focus on the negative aspects of what happened or what went wrong. Do yourself a favor and try to think, be, and act positively.

7. If You Compare Yourself

Don’t compare yourself to others since no one is flawless in this world. Perhaps you are comparing yourself to someone with greater experience and knowledge than you.

People compare themselves to others and start finding flaws in themselves and everything they do; if this is the case with you, you do not love yourself. You don’t really love yourself if you think less of yourself and never notice something positive about yourself.

8. If You Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

You don’t hate yourself if you take care of yourself. However, failing to take care of oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally implies that you do not love yourself. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not you truly care for yourself.

Do you drink enough water? Every day, drink at least 2 liters of water. This will keep your body moisturized and your skin glowing.

Do you get 8 hours of sleep? Take 8 hours of sleep. If you find it difficult to get to sleep on time, you can follow this night routine: Night Routine for success and better sleep.

Do you consume a healthy diet? Do you work out? Answer all of these questions because you can’t be your best if you don’t take care of yourself. You have just one body. Start taking proper care of it.

9. If You Try To Be Someone Else

Everyone wants to look like someone else, be somebody else, or be in the place of someone else. This is because you dislike being yourself and attempt to be somebody else in order to make a better impression.

People who are in love with themselves don’t give a fuck about making good impressions. Because they know that they are not born to impress others. And even if you try, you can’t impress everyone.

If you truly love yourself, you will practice self-love by doing what you enjoy, and you will surround yourself with people who actually appreciate you for who you really are.

Don’t try to be like someone else because you are unique yourself.

10. If You Take Criticism Personally

You don’t believe it when someone compliments you, but you take criticism from others too seriously. Why is their opinion so crucial to you, Buddy? This is your life, not theirs. Don’t listen to what others say; instead, master your emotions and move on.

Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. -Dale Carnegie

11. If You Are Not Setting Big Goals

Everyone is scared of failing because it makes them feel useless, but failing is the only way to learn new things and progress in all aspects of life. If you don’t hate yourself, you’ll set big but attainable goals since setting small goals tells yourself that you’re not deserving of anything big. 

However, this may be fixed by changing one’s mindset.  Learn to be comfortable with failure and to accept failure as an opportunity to learn something new.  Failure does not mean the end of your life. It helps you grow.

A man’s true education is achieved by learning from his own error.

12. If You Apolozize Too Much

Often, apologizing when you are not at fault or for every small mistake demonstrates a lack of self-esteem. Sometimes you have to take a stand for yourself and show others that you’re giving your 100%. Nobody is perfect, and you can’t control everything. So, you should keep your apologies when you truly mean them. 

13. If You Are Jealous Of Others

If you constantly compare yourself to others, it implies you don’t love yourself and are not happy with who you are. It is natural for people to compare, but doing so frequently and negatively can harm one’s self-esteem. This is a habit that you must actually break. You may also like – Signs of Jealousy and Signs of bitterness and how to tackle.

14. If You Use Too Much Social Media

People live more in reels than enjoying real life. Everyone is posting about what is happening best in their life and then wait for likes and comments. They want to be liked, and praised, by others. 

You will never be happy if you live your life for likes and views. And it’s a symptom of self-hatred when you’re concerned about your appearance and how your social media reputation is shaping up.

Consider social media as only a wonderful method to stay in touch with your friends and you’d be better off concentrating on other significant aspects of your life that would boost your self-esteem.

15. If You Do Not Try To Improve Yourself

If you want to live a good life, you must never stop learning new things. It is crucial to improve your life. If you value yourself, you will devote time to self-improvement activities. You will make an attempt to gain new skills that will assist you in becoming a successful person. If you try to be the greatest at what you do, the world will become a better place for you.

And keep in mind that there is always the possibility of becoming a better version of yourself. You might also be interested in – How To Be The Best Version Of You

16. If You Involve In Self-destructive Habits

Analyze your habits and routines. If you have negative habits, it signifies that you don’t care about yourself. There are several unhealthy behaviors that can both physically and emotionally harm you.

If you truly love yourself, why would you engage in behavior that has the potential to shorten your life? One bad decision may shatter your entire life. It has the potential to devastate everything you’ve worked so hard to create your whole life. Know how to quit bad habits.

I Hate Myself – 6 Causes Of Self Hate

1. Your Family

Yes, you may think I am insane, but it’s true. Our family also has a role in making us hate ourselves. They are never satisfied with us. They don’t believe in our goals, and when your family doesn’t believe in you or your goals, then there is no point in being a family. 

Yes, I know they may want to secure us because there is always a risk in chasing dreams. So, they want us to get a decent job, but in many cases, the family is not even happy with what we do.

And yet Rather than critically evaluating and criticizing our family, we blamed ourselves. We had the impression that there’s something wrong with us. We felt terrible, awful, and embarrassed about how our family members treated us. When your nearest and dearest don’t believe in your goals, you get hurt, and that feeling leads us to self-hate.

2. Your Surroundings

People around you are also a part of the game. As I already told you about signs of self-hatred, your surroundings may be the reason for that, like you may be spending time with a friend who always makes you feel inferior, another friend who triggers your bad habits, or someone who reminds you of an unpleasant childhood memory.

Any event that supported the false notion that there was something wrong with you increased the amount of self-hatred you already carry. Try to avoid negative people if you really care for yourself.

3. Your Past

You might hate yourself for making mistakes in the past because you feel guilty about them. You may have done something wrong with anyone that serves as a reminder of how awful of a person you are.

Aside from having a terrible childhood, you may have grown up with parents who made you feel miserable. Abuse,  being over-controlled, or being scolded as a kid can all contribute to a negative inner voice.

Bullying in schools can also lead you to negative thoughts and some bad life decisions. Being bullied can leave you with long-lasting memories that damage your self-esteem. Want to know how bullying can affect one life read a book or watch series – 13 Reasons why

4. Your Thoughts

When the thought “I hate myself” enters your head. You think of every imaginable technique to make yourself look bad. When you have feelings of self-hatred, little difficulties might start to look big.

You tell yourself that you are insufficient. Others are considerably superior to me. Others are lucky, but I am not. When you are among other people, these ideas may make you feel like an outcast.

5. Your Relationship

Staying in a bad relationship may be the source of self-hatred. It gets worse when you realize you shouldn’t be in this relationship but can’t stop yourself.

You can leave a toxic relationship, but if you don’t heal what attracted you to them, you will meet them again. It is the same demon, just in a different person. 

Any form of connection has the ability to produce a negative inner voice and set a bad tone in your thoughts. This may be a connection with a boss who has a habit of putting you down or making you feel inferior.

I Hate Myself – 14 Ways To Combat

1. Forgive Yourself

As previously said, you may feel terrible for a past mistake, but that one mistake does not define who you are. Forgive yourself for previous errors since blaming yourself will not amend them. You can simply promise yourself that you will not make the same mistake again.

2. Self Love

Take care of yourself regardless of what happens to you. Self-love is forgiving and accepting of who you are. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself, accept your limitations,  and act on your life goals.

You prioritize your happiness, health, and satisfaction because you recognize that without loving yourself, you will never be able to truly love others.

3. Spend Time With Positive People

If you want to start thinking positively, you should surround yourself with positive people – who take care of themselves.

When you hate yourself, you will attempt to isolate yourself from the rest of the world, but you should resist this mindset and instead begin spending time with friends and family who can bring positive energy into your life.

4. Positive Self Talk

This is one of the most effective ways to overcome feelings of self-hatred. Our minds are constantly conversing with ourselves throughout the day. Negative self-talk leads to self-hatred, so break the pattern and start filling your mind with positive self-talk. Learn how to change your approach to life by thinking positive thoughts that boost your self-esteem.

5. Journalizing

When anything unpleasant happens to you throughout the day, you just think about that bad moment and start telling yourself bad things. However, if you write down your thoughts and feelings, your mind will be more relaxed and you will feel less stressed.

According to research, journaling can help relieve psychological discomfort and help you sleep better. Read more – Benefits of Journalizing

6. Meditation

By separating us from ourselves, self-hatred made us feel empty, hollow and lost inside. Mindfulness and meditation are the only ways to regain access to one’s inner self.

Mindfulness brings you back to the present moment, while meditation allows you to calm your mind and replace toxic thoughts with good ones. And, as an added benefit, you can practice meditation and mindfulness at any time and from anywhere.

7. Work On Your Dreams

Setting goals and working hard to attain them indicates that you are thinking about brightening your future, which is a sign of self-love. Remember that you should not try to achieve goals to impress others or to show off your talent; do it for yourself.

Having goals can also help you keep yourself occupied, giving your mind fewer opportunities to dwell on toxic thoughts.

8. Learn To Say No

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, according to physics. So, the more you hate yourself, the more you want to please others. In this process, you will say yes to everything and everyone, but I want to restore your confidence to say NO.

Say no to pointless things that are unimportant, and say no to people who waste your time. Saying no to people and things that damage rather than benefit your life is typically the first step toward learning to love yourself.

9. Avoid Self Pleasuring Habits

No, I don’t want you to give up good habits that make you happy, but I do want you to give up bad habits that make you happy but are bad for you. For example, excessive masturbation, playing video games till 4:00 in the morning, watching web series the whole day, and a number of other hobbies. Because they do make you feel wonderful for a short time, but their insignificance will destroy you, eventually.

10. No Social Media

I would really want to suggest that you stop yourself from using social media. Set a goal of 10 days at first, then gradually expand as you get more comfortable without social media.

The reason for avoiding social media is that it promotes destructive comparisons. You see someone on social media and wonder why your life isn’t like theirs, but believe me, they portray a fake picture of their lives. Therefore, we begin to compare our lives to those picture-perfect versions of other people’s reality.

As a result, we begin to have negative feelings about ourselves and our life. That is the reason you should stay away from social media.

11. Live In Now

Stop dwelling on the past and start living in the present. If you waste the current moment feeling sorry for previous mistakes, believe me, when you look back in the coming year or two, you will feel terrible for feeling guilty right now.

So, if you don’t want to hate yourself in the coming days, start enjoying every second of your life and living it to the fullest.

12. Do What You Like

People nowadays primarily pursue those hobbies or passions that may earn money for them, money is the primary reason they pick those hobbies. But what about happiness?

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I’m not going to argue whether money can buy happiness, but having interests or engaging in activities that may or may not bring you money but bring joy in your life is a crucial component of breaking the cycle of self-hatred. Do what you love without thinking about what the end result will be.

13. Practice Gratitude

Be thankful for everything you have in life. When you’re trying to overcome the feeling of “I hate myself,” remembering what you already have and what you’ve accomplished in life could help. Write it down and read it whenever feelings of self-hatred try to hug you, you will feel better instantly.

14. See A Therapist

If none of the above suggestions help you overcome your feelings of “I Hate Myself”, seek professional help.

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