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Friends’ habits are good as well as bad, if the habit is good then it is a good thing. But if you have a bad habit then it is a matter of concern for you. So today in this post I will tell you “How to quit bad habit”, so let’s start. Some habits are so harmful that you may have to lose your life. Such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, etc.

It is very easy to say that change your habit, But the person who is going through that situation knows how difficult it is, but changing habits is not an impossible task. so let’s know how we can quit bad habits.


So let’s first know how habits are formed. Every habit is formed in the process of 3 steps: –

  • The first step is Trigger
  • The second step is Routine
  • The third step is Reward

1. Trigger

the trigger includes all those activities which make you do good or bad work. Many people start smoking cigarettes when their friend encourages them to smoke cigarettes because friends have a lot of influence in our life, so most people can’t refuse to accept the cigarettes by thinking that I can quit smoking cigarettes anytime.

In the beginning, that friend work as a trigger for smoking. but after some time, he himself starts going to smoke cigarettes with that friend, now in this case his friend becomes the trigger. triggers can be of other types, all triggers fall under five categories: –

  • any specific place that triggers them to do good or bad activity.
  • Any specific time.
  • Some emotions like grief, happiness, boredom, etc.
  • Because of others like meeting a friend or doing after watching ads on TV.
  • Immediately after taking any action, such as smoking cigarettes after eating.

2. Routines

The next step after getting a trigger is called routines. For example, after meeting your friend, you can go to a shop and buy cigarettes there. Burning cigarettes by going to any specific place is called routine.

3. Reward

As soon as people take the first puff of cigarettes they get a dose of nicotine which is a reward for them and the more often the routine process is repeated more strong the habit becomes.

Tips on How to Quit Bad Habit:-

1. Understand your Habit – First of all, you have to know what is the trigger, routine, and reward of your habit.

2. Examine your Habit – To quit your habit, know all triggers which excite you to repeat your habit eg. emotions, activities, etc. Note down all triggers in notepad it is a very good way to quit your bad habit.

3. Know the harm caused by bad habit – After knowing the harm caused by a bad habit, whenever you feel like repeating the habit, remember its harmful effects, it will help you to quit a bad habit.

4. Enjoy your success – Make a goal to quit your habit, such as not smoking cigarettes for 30 days and when you complete it, celebrate it and make your goal even bigger eg. From 30 days to 60 days. it will also work as motivation.

5. Stay away from the trigger – Keep yourself away from the trigger like if you repeat a bad habit after going to someplace then avoid going to that place.

6. Keep yourself busy – An empty mind is the home of the devil. It is absolutely right. Some habits are practiced only when a person is alone, so try to keep yourself busy.

7. Try to quit one habit at a time – If you try to get rid of all the bad habits at the same time, then you will be not able to leave a single habit.

8. Do Meditation – One study has found that meditation is very beneficial in quitting bad habits.

9. Do not think about bad habits – The more you think about that habit, the more difficult it will be to leave that habit, so think less.

Friends, these were some measures, which will help you to leave any of your bad Habits, if you liked this article or you have learned anything new from this post, do not forget to share.

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