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There are no set rules on “How to be a gentleman” because being a gentleman is not a habit or skill it is a lifestyle. As per me, Gentleman is someone who is Gentle, and respectful, towards all living things not just to their ladies.

No one is born a gentleman; to genuinely become one, one must understand and acquire certain principles. In this article, I will share few ways to become a true gentleman.

How To Be A Gentleman

Find Your Own Style

If you still believe that a gentleman should wear a suit and well-polished shoes, you are wrong, since the concept of a gentleman has changed and it is no longer just about your looks. It all comes down to your attitude and how you present yourself.

So, develop your own distinctive style that expresses your individuality. Avoid bright clothes and instead choose darker colors such as black, grey, blue, and brown. These are classic colors. Again, this is only a suggestion; you must select your own style.

Well Groomed

Grooming and hygiene are important. Comb your hair, trim and clean your nails, apply deodorants but avoid strong ones, shave your beard, take care of ear and nose hairs, and bathe on a daily basis. Because a gentleman seems and smells excellent.

It is essential for keeping proper hygiene so that people are not distracted by a bad body smell or by how you appear. Here is the complete guide for personal hygiene – 16 personal hygiene tips for men

Secret Keeper

A gentleman never exposes secrets that they have been told to keep secret. If someone shares their secrets with you, it shows that they believe in you, and if you can’t maintain that secret, you are destroying their trust in you, and they will never believe you again.

So, learn to be a gentleman by keeping secrets and never spreading controversial rumors or speaking badly of people.  


A gentleman understands the value of time and would never waste his own or anybody else’s time. To be late or make someone wait shows that you don’t value the other person’s time.

So what you can do is start following the “10 minutes early formula” and you will never be late again. That means trying to be 10 minutes early. For example, if you have to attend a meeting at 10:00 am, try to be there by 9:50 am.

Being punctual is a sign of respect for others. Isn’t it disrespectful to someone if you tell them you’ll meet them at a specific time and then show up 20 minutes late? Click here to know – Some Time Management Tips

Responds To Invitations

If you receive an invitation but are unable to attend the celebration, simply respond to it and notify the host, as this is what a gentleman does. If you can join them, do your best to make it happen

Never Discriminate

A gentleman will never discriminate against someone because of their skin color, economic status, religion, gender, or academic achievement. They understand that the most essential aspect of any individual to consider is their character.

Character is not something that you buy; it is not a commodity that can be bartered for; it is not a quality suited for only the rich and famous; rather, the character is built upon the foundational commitment of love, honesty, and compassion for others. -Byron R. Pulsifer

Not Only Kind To Women

True gentlemen are courteous to everyone, not only to the females or those who are profitable to him or the powerful. A gentleman is someone who is kind to everyone who deserves it.

No Gossiping

Don’t gossip about someone you don’t like since it is not a gentlemanly trait. If you don’t agree with someone’s attitude toward you, talk to him or her about it. Backbiting is something that is always on a gentleman’s no-no list.

More tips are adding to the list on a regular basis so that you get exactly what you need to be a gentleman. We are always open to suggestions, you can share them down in the comment box.

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