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21 Tips To Improve Your Body Language. Before you open your mouth, your body says a lot about you since body language is the first thing people notice about you, so try to understand what your body is saying about you.

The way we talk is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to communication. The rest is in your body language: how you carry yourself, your attitudes, along with many other minor details that we overlook. With a little work to enhance your body language, you have a higher chance of being perceived as an interesting and upstanding person.

What exactly is Body Language?

Body language is a sort of non-verbal communication in which bodily gestures are used to communicate information rather than words. Facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch, and the utilization of space are all examples of such behavior.

21 Tips To Improve Your Body Language.

1. Do Homework

The first step in enhancing one’s body language is to start noticing. Begin paying attention to everything you do, as well as when you do it. 

You can also investigate Others.  Take a look at other individuals, especially those you appreciate. What are their postures like? What can you steal and learn from them?

2. Smile

Why are you being so serious? Raise the corners of your lips a little. When someone says something humorous, smile. People are more likely to listen to you if you appear to be a positive person.

However, don’t be the first one to giggle at your own jokes because it makes you appear anxious and desperate. And don’t forget to maintain a smile on your face when you’re introduced to someone. You can also read 11 benefits of Smiling.

3. Nodding

Nodding while someone is speaking to you is a good type of body language that shows others that you are attentive and interested in conversing with them. It can also increase their confidence knowing that others are interested in what they are discussing, and who doesn’t want to be with someone who makes them feel good?

4. Keep Distance.

some people prefer near talkers, but the key idea is to pay attention to others around you. If they are stepping back while conversing that means you are too close to them.  Do not keep moving forward while they move away! Allow individuals their personal space.

5. Eye Contact

Because the eyes are the window to the soul, make eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Whether there are multiple individuals you are speaking with, make eye contact with all of them to build a better connection and to check if they are listening.

Keep in mind that in some cultures, making eye contact with seniors is considered impolite, so keep that in mind as well. Keeping too much eye contact may frighten people. As a result, don’t overdo it. If you find it difficult to establish eye contact, practice with someone you know well. Continue to work upon that, and you’ll get used to it.

Do not fix your eyes on the floor. Unless you are inspecting new flooring or someone’s dazzling shoes, your eyes should be near to the level of the person you are talking with.

6. Hold Properly

If you’re holding a glass of wine or anything else, don’t hold it in front of your chest since it will make you appear protected and inaccessible. 

7. Fidgeting

Stop messing around with your drink, pen, or earring. It indicates anxiety and, at the very least, serves as a distraction for others.

Also, avoid moving your hands through your hair. Also, try to prevent anxious behaviors like shaking your legs. You’ll appear nervous or anxious. 

8. Mirror

Once you get along with someone and you have a solid connection, you will often begin to unknowingly mimic each other. That is, you copy the other person’s body language a little. 

If you are sitting or standing next to someone, replicate their body postures and tone. Mirroring may lead to a sense of connection, and after a while, you’ll both do it instinctively.

9. Speed Check

It is an undeniable reality that when you are worried, you tend to speak too quickly. This is one method for others to see how nervous you truly are. If you’re feeling worried, try deep breathing. It’s a guaranteed method to calm your anxieties and relax your entire body.

10. Watch Your Hands

Don’t let your hands show that you’re nervous. Putting your hands in your pockets while chatting may be pleasant, but it can also imply disinterest or arrogance.

Use your hands to express what you’re trying to convey. Use your hands to explain something or to emphasize a point you’re trying to make. However, if you use them too frequently, they may become annoying.

11. Arms Should be Uncrossed.

Crossing your arms indicates that you like being alone or that you are angry. Uncrossing your arms shows people that you are calm.

You’ve undoubtedly previously heard that crossing your arms might make you appear protective or defensive. This also applies to your legs so maintain an open posture with your arms and legs.

However, in a few situations, crossing one’s hand or leg becomes a habit, so it is not essential that the person is arrogant or defensive, but we may enhance body language by changing that habit for our own benefit.

12. Stand Straight

Bending down is another indicator to others that you are bored or uninterested. So, stand upright, yet in a comfortable manner.

13. Relax your shoulders.

Shoulders that are too high will make you look uneasy, but shoulders that are too low will make you appear unhappy or self-conscious. When you are stressed, shake your shoulders and move them back slightly to relax up.

14. Take Space

Introverts and those with poor self-esteem take less space and look hesitant. So, take more space than you usually require.  This will demonstrate to others that you are confident.

15. Relax

Changing your body language may feel strange at first, so don’t push yourself too hard. With a little mindfulness and gentle use of these tactics over time, you’ll be able to express all you want to say and do with your body as well as your words.

16. Lean

Have you ever had a discussion that you and your conversation partner were both excited about? You’ll undoubtedly notice that you’re both leaning in toward each other. Lean toward the person speaking to demonstrate that you are interested in what they are saying. 

17. Handshake

Don’t crush your new acquaintance’s life out of him or her, but a nice firm handshake feels great. 

18. Maintain a Positive Mindset

Last but not least, maintain a cheerful, open, and easygoing attitude. How you feel may be seen in your body language, which can make a big impact.

Bonus Points

  • Drop your voice since studies suggest that individuals with deeper voices are taken more seriously.
  • Don’t touch your face since it will make you appear uneasy and will be distracting to the listeners or individuals in the conversation.
  • walk slowly, Walking slower not just makes you appear more relaxed and confident, but it also makes you feel less worried.

Before we get into the particular ways to improve your body language, keep in mind that no single gesture is universal. Like crossed arms might indicate a communication breakdown, they may also be used for warming your hands in cold or simply a suitable way to hold your arms.

Body language is influenced by culture as well. Some cultures place a higher value on personal space than others. Other cultures regard eye contact as a danger and a lack of respect, rather than the indication of the confidence that several Western cultures do.

You can modify your body language, but like with any new habit, it takes time to become imprinted in your memory. Once it does, you will unconsciously follow all of these ideas.

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