6 things to quit right now..!!

Today in this article i will tell you about 6 things to quit right now..!!

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1. Trying to please everyone

Live for yourself, dont try to please everyone because you can’t. If you want to please everyone then go sell icecream.

2. Fearing change

Nothing is permanent, then why you are Fearing of changes. changes are the law of nature so you should not afraid of changes.

3. Living in the past

Stop living in the past because if you are live in the past you will be not able to focus on the persent and that will ruin future so live in persent not in past.

4. Overthinking

Do not overthink because there is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as overthinking.

5. Being afraid to be different

No one in this world is same that means all are different then why you are afraid to be different. Remember one thing if you want to be number 1 you have to be odd.

6. Sacrificing your happiness for others

stop sacrificing your happiness for others because your happiness worth more than those fake peoples. Remember, if you love someone you will be willing to sacrifice your happiness for them but if they love you they won’t let you.

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