Are you sure that you are not a donkey.🤔

Nowdays most of the people are doing jobs to earn money, and they should do also as money will give them those things which are necessary for life.

This post is for those who are doing 9 to 5 job, return home, sleep, wake up and repeat the same process.

If you are also trapped in this process then stay her only because I am going to prove that you are a donkey. I am not disrespecting you. Let me tell you, I believe you have seen the image of donkey upon which a man is seating and hung a bundle of carrot in front of the donkey and the donkey start chasing the carrots which is only an illusion.

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Donkey get the carrots only when the man reach yhe destination where he wants to reach.

More then 95% people are like the donkey, they works for other Just Carrot is replaced by money. Head is taking work and the head achieve the goals he reach where he want to reach but the employee(donkey) will Chase the salary and when he get the salary spend that money on so called liabilities and again work for whole month and then they will blame others for their issues.

So what you should do??

My purpose is not to hurt anyone i was also a donkeyuntil i start my own online business.

So you should..

◆ Start saving 30% of your total earning.

◆ Set your own financial goals.

◆ Do not spent on liabilities.

◆ Invest on assets like shares, bonds, stocks, etc

Here it ends. Thanks for visiting.

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