What if you don’t have goals or dreams??

What if you don’t have goals or dreams??

Do you ever think why you are in this world if you don’t have any goals or targets you want to achieve.

Today I am going to give you answer for this question.

In this world there are only two types of people, one who have goals and second who don’t have any goals.
The person who have goals will do everything by keeping his goal in mind. They have a path and they know where they have to go.

Whatever they will do they have reason to do that thing. They have plans.

On the other hand the people who don’t have any goals, they are just go with the flow they are walking with crowd because they don’t know where they have to go.

So for what purpose they are in this world? let I tell you..

They are in this world for the help of people who have goals in their mind. They will be used by those who want to achieve something.

If you don’t have any goals..

apart yourself from the whole world for a week or keep your phone aside for 2 hours daily and go to any peaceful place where no one will disturb you,

and think about yourself why you are in this world, search your passion and ask to your innerself what you want with your life you will definitely get the answer. After getting your answer do hardwork and start taking action to achieve those goals.


You haven’t take birth just to die.

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