18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman,

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman – Want to know that your girl is high maintenance or not. The question is how do you know? of course, before it’s too late. In this post, we will look at the warning indications that show your lady is high maintenance. If you’re a guy who doesn’t understand what high maintenance means, I’m here to enlighten you. Here  I will compile some ways to identify whether or not your girl is high maintenance.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman.

1. Self-Obsessed

Her exaggerated sense of self-worth is the number one indication of a high-maintenance lady. She is really fascinated with herself, to the extent where she finds it difficult to comprehend or relate with anybody else.

This is understandable to some extent because she’s probably hot. She has most likely grown up being worshipped by males and has come to believe that she is God’s gift to mankind. As a male, they will try to give her everything and try to fulfill all her demand because of their lust which becomes the main reason for their self-obsession. 

2. She Care About Other

High-maintenance girls devote much attention and effort to their looks. They are cosmetics masters, and always be sure to wear their flawless outfits every moment because they care a lot about what others think of them, although it takes them a lot of time and money. They want to appear gorgeous, adorable every fucking day.

3. Criticizes Your Style.

She may even believe she is doing you a favor by throwing away your beloved t-shirt. What the high maintenance female doesn’t know, or cares about, is that by treating her boyfriend this way, she is giving him a problem. When he eventually quits her and begins dating someone normal. It’s simply not cool. For God’s sake, let him wear anything he wants.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman,

4. take too much time

She is never on time for anything. It takes her hours to get herself all dressed up. What if this isn’t an indication of a high-maintenance girlfriend?

Let us tell you what a high-maintenance woman is like when it comes to getting dressed. If she is going to a party, she will start talking about what she will wear a week in advance.

Then, even if she starts dressing up two hours before your date time, she will never be on time. Her last-minute make-up touches might take hours.

5. Too Difficult To Please

You’ve arranged the ideal date for her. When she arrives for the date, however, instead of being delighted, she begins to moan about everything. She will not appreciate the time and work you put into preparing the date for her. Instead, she will point out every fault in your strategy.

You can tell she’s a high-maintenance lady since it takes a lot of work to impress her. Small gestures don’t matter to her; only huge gestures do. It is difficult to make her a happy lady. The greatest approach to keep her happy is to invest

6. Always On Command

A relationship is comprised of two people who make decisions mutually. but  In your situation, she is always the one who tells you what to do. She instructs you to hang out at an upscale club, and becomes irritated if you have friends who do not meet her definition of “successful people.”

To achieve her goals, she may be manipulative. It is critical for her to make everything conform to her ideal viewpoint. You aren’t an exception. She wants you to behave in a way she approves of, thus she ends up controlling your every move.

7. Doesn’t Compromise

Usually, this includes spending a lot of money on foolish things. When she has your credit card in her wallet, she never looks at the prices. despite all of this, she never appears to be pleased. This extends to non-monetary activities as well. She pouts, for example, when you invite a few of friends over to watch the game, and she also pouts when you refuse to watch back-to-back episodes of her favorite show. in simple words, She doesn’t “compromise.”

8. She Will Dump You If…

She will dump you if you stop her from misusing your money and then she’ll go out and find someone new (with a credit card with no limit). The final fact is that some guys adore this type of female. But, if you want to hold her, you’ll have to pay to play. If it makes you happy, there’s nothing wrong with this. 

9. Pick up – Drop Service

You’re continually picking her up and leaving her off. It’s not possible, as cute as it may seem, to pick her up and drop her off every time you meet her. It gets annoying and costly.

But she refuses to comprehend the situation. Even if she has a car and is capable of driving herself, she would prefer that you handle the dropping and picking.

10. Her Happiness = Materialistic items.

When you buy your high-maintenance girlfriend costly presents, she adores you! Nothing makes her happier than expensive, glittering items. It makes no difference if you end yourself in debt. Your credit card is the key to her heart.

Sentiments, affections, and love aren’t as important to her as financial goods are. You may even believe that you must continue to purchase her expensive items in order to gain her love. Consider if she is with you because she loves you or because of the presents you buy her.

11. You Are The Payer.

She is addicted to a luxurious lifestyle and wants you to jump on board. To make matters worse, a high-maintenance female expects you to pay for all of these costly occasions. She makes you pay most of the time if not all of the time. It doesn’t matter who makes more money here; it should be the duty of both couples to split the bill or take turns paying.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman,

If she makes you pay all the time, it’s because she’s used to other people paying for her and enjoys the luxury. 

12. Her Mom Is Also In Relationship

A close relationship between mother and daughter is wonderful, but things get problematic when her mother takes too much control over how she reacts to events, what emotions she experiences, and begins to manipulate her every action. Men and women must be grownups in order to have a healthy relationship, Make sure that you’re dealing with an adult, not a child who needs to do what Mommy says and wants,” Otherwise, it will feel like there are three of you in the relationship.

13. The Victim.

You have problems. She has problems. You will face difficulties as a team. As a result, awkward, unpleasant, and often harmful discussions arise. If you attempt to tell her anything that bothers you, does she get defensive and reactive?

If she can’t take feedback without going on the offensive or becoming defensive, you’ll never be able to solve an issue. You’ll never be able to settle anything, establish trust and understanding in your relationship, or go ahead.

14. Always Complaining

She complains about the service at the restaurant, complains: on the phone with her mother on the way home, and goes through her list of complaints about everything you do wrong: the toilet seat is always up, you’re never on time, and you can’t fold laundry properly.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman,

Leave her if you feel like you can’t get a word in edgewise, or if every discussion breaks you down in some manner. You’ll constantly be fighting a battle if she’s always bothered with someone or if her standards are never satisfied.

15. Never says Sorry

If she lacks the capacity to say – I’m sorry, you will struggle to progress in your relationship together. She will never recognize herself as a part of the problem, thus you will never be able to resolve it. Furthermore, she regards herself as superior to you and others. She doesn’t have defects or makes errors in her eyes. “If she can’t understand where she went wrong, then express it and apologize, you are fukced up.

16. She Just Takes

This sort of lady desires to be served the world on a silver platter. She expects you to look after her and satisfy all of her requirements. She, on the other hand, will give little attention to return.

While it is vital to respect and care for the lady in your life, you also need to be taken into account. If the woman you’re with wants you to always pay, always satisfy her demands, and always please her without regard for your own enjoyment, this is a huge red flag. 

17. Never Takes Responsibility

It’s hard to be around a lady who never takes responsibility. She not only never admits mistakes, but she also never apologizes and constantly finds a way to blame others. This is terribly immature and unappealing, especially if she is supposed to be more mature.

She may claim that she is always correct, therefore there is no use in arguing with her. As her partner, you will frequently have to bear the brunt of her terrible judgments.

18. Drama Queen

A drama queen may appear to be a lot of fun at first. But the issue is that a drama queen does not have an off button. She is continuously in need of drama to spice up her life. She has a terrible habit of inventing drama out of thin air.

You, as her partner, are the most likely to be the target. With this sort of lady, each mistake you make may be seen as the end of the world. Even if you’re acting flawlessly, this kind of girl will find the excuse to create the drama.

18 Signs of High-Maintenance Woman – If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

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