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16 Personal Hygiene Tips For Men- Everyone is supposed to know about hygiene, yet no one ever talks about it, and there’s more to it than just applying deodorant. Here are some hygiene tips every man should follow in order to be and looks like a gentleman.

16 Personal Hygiene Tips For Men.

1. Hair

Most people believe that only women should be worried about their hair. However, studies have revealed that males, too, need to maintain their hair clean. The good news is that there is no need to wash your hair every day. It is sufficient to clean two to three times each week. Visit your hairdresser on a regular basis and the most important tip is to choose a style that fits your face.

2. Floss

We all know how important flossing is, yet few of us practice it on a regular basis. But it is well worth the effort. It will freshen your breath, prevent gum disease, and protect you from your dental hygienist’s scowls.

3. clean tongue

Residue on your tongue is not only unpleasant, but it is also the leading source of terrible breath. This may be avoided by giving your tongue a good scrubbing when polishing your teeth.

4. face

We suggest washing your face twice a day. When you get up, wash it, and before you go to bed, wash it again. Ensure that your face is clean at all times. Remember that the face is the most exposed to the day’s rough weather and dirt.

5. Use Honey as a face wash

Use Honey as face wash Try this if you have sensitive skin and plus point is that it is less costly than good face wash brands as well as organic: Honey may be used to clean your face.

6. Trim nose and ear hairs

Isn’t it unpleasant to have hair coming out of your nose or ears (especially in old age)? So, on a regular basis, remove those hairs.

7. Shaving

Most guys who suffer from razor burn shave too rapidly or with too lengthy strokes. Changing your razor blades on a regular basis can also help prevent severe razor burn. It will make you feel and look much better. It’s also crucial to sanitize your razor after your first shave because bacteria attach to it after each usage. Wash it with hot soapy water or rub it with rubbing alcohol.


We are more prone to dandruff because guys have a far thinner scalp barrier than women. I frequently notice dandruff that appears on other males, and they’re especially noticeable in dark blue or black suits.

Dandruff, on the other hand, is quite simple to treat. All you need is a shampoo and you’ll notice results in a matter of days.

9. clean your ears

Make sure your ears are clean. I’ve found that many individuals overlook their ears. Run a damp washcloth around and behind your ears. Do not insert anything into your ear canal, but be sure to clean away any debris or wax that has accumulated around/on your ears.

10. wash towel and beddings

washing your bedding and towels on a regular basis is essential for optimum hygiene. This may come as a surprise to some men, but it’s just as vital to wash your bedding, towels, and washcloths as it is to wash your clothes. Clean your towels at least once a week. If your towel stinks and you use it, you will stink as well.

11. Hygiene down there

In general, keep your hair short down there. Long hair might make you feel uneasy, also long hair causes excessive sweating, which is harmful.

12. Clean your banana.

Excessive washing of your penis with soap and shower gels might cause discomfort. To maintain proper cleanliness, wash your penis once a day with warm water and gently dry it. If you’re using soap, use a light or odorless soap to decrease the risk of skin irritation.

13. Change your socks

Even if you constantly change your socks after sweating in them, you may not be changing them as frequently as you need. Foot fungus can be caused by not changing your socks, which can lead to significant problems; however, changing your socks on a regular basis can help reduce your risk.

14. Cut your nails

Nails that are neat and well-groomed are high on the list of factors that attract a possible match. Just like women take care of their nails, males should make it a point to maintain their nails short and tidy. Remember to cut the skin flaps next to your nails as well.

15. Use of deodorant

First and foremost, deodorant and deodorizer are not the same. Using them as a substitute for a shower is indeed unacceptable and ineffective. Using deodorant on stinky armpits makes things worse.

16. You should wash your feet.

The importance of foot cleaning in men’s hygiene cannot be underestimated. When you wear open shoes to the market, your feet accumulate dirt and too much sweating causes them prone to foot issues when wearing closed shoes. So, feet should be washed in the morning before going to work and in the evening before heading to bed.

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