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10 Things That Make Men Unattractive Have you ever wondered why you are not able to maintain your physical and mental attraction? Why are you gradually losing your sexiness’? What are the various things that might gradually make you unappealing? Here are a few of the harmful habits of men that we discovered for you. There are many things that can make you unattractive, but in this post I will tell you the most effective “attractiveness killer.”

10 Things That Make Men Unattractive

1. Not using word No

If you don’t want to go drinking or partying with your friends, then have the courage to say no. No matter what your friend thinks, if they really are your friend, they will understand you. The conclusion is that you should not allow anyone to put you under pressure to do something you do not want to do.

Focus on what you really want and do what makes you happy, but don’t do anything just to make others happy if you don’t want to. Don’t be a people pleaser; know what you enjoy, and never go along with the crowd. 

2. Drinking

Drinking doesn’t define who you really are because I have seen a drunk man helping a street cat while others are ignoring him. But I will also agree that alcohol can affect your health negatively.

Overdrinking dehydrates your body, which harms your skin. Dehydration causes overeating, which causes you to acquire a lot of weight rapidly. Drinking is also harmful to your heart and liver. So I will suggest you quit drinking, or drink only on a few occasions, but drink responsibly.

3. Smoking

If you think smoking makes you look cool, you are wrong. Come out of the reel world. Because smoking makes your skin look old, It ages your face and skin prematurely. It also brings a number of health issues. Smokers are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, heart attack, and lung disease.

4. Not Using Proper Products

Never use body soap on your face and hair. The skin of your face is softer than the skin of your body. So the soap is harsh and harmful to your face skin. So don’t use body soap for face wash; instead use facewash or wash your face with honey, which works as a natural face wash. So like this, for every body part, there are different products available, and you should keep this thing in mind and take care of your body.

5. Not changing blade

Using the same shaving blade for more than a week is bad hygiene practice, which is harmful for your skin too. When you use the same blade for more than a week, the risk of infection and razor burns increases, making your face unattractive. So change your shaving blade on a weekly basis. Read – self hygiene tips for men

6. Not Having Passion

Nothing is more sexy than a man following his passion. Passion makes a man sexy and attractive, so find a passion for yourself. If you don’t have one, then read “How to find your passion.” It’s kind of sexy for the girls when you hustle to pursue your passions or goals. But you don’t have to follow your passion just to seem attractive; you should follow your passion for your happiness and to succeed.

7. Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits mean not eating healthy food. Eating junk food can make you seem unattractive. The healthier your eating habits, the better you look. There is a strong link between eating healthy and looking great. Not to mention the incredible psychological effect that eating healthy has on you. Feed your body what it needs to appear attractive and fit, and it will reward you.

8. Poor Table Manners

You should learn and follow basic table manners, as basic table manners are a necessity for everyone. No one wants to seem, eating like a savage. A few table manners to always keep in mind are: not using phone while eating, using knife and fork properly (if using), chewing with your mouth closed, not eating too fast.

9. Sleeping late

If you are hustling till late at night, that’s okay (even then, don’t forget to get proper sleep). But nowadays, people use their phones till the morning and then go to bed. As a result, you won’t get enough sleep and won’t be able to focus on your work all day, resulting in low productivity and efficiency. You should follow – award winning night sleep routine to get better sleep.

10. Not Reading

Girls find men who read attractive.But again, this is not the only reason to start reading. There are so many other benefits of reading that it makes no sense to not invest time in reading. Reading is also a good source of knowledge. To know more about the benefits of reading, read: Benefits of reading books

Things That Make Men Unattractive, 10 Things That Make Men Unattractive, kid reading book,

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