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10 Nice Guy Mistakes You Should Avoid – Don’t be a nice guy. If you are one of them, you may be passing up an opportunity to be with not only a gorgeous girl but also nice people who genuinely care about you. Here are 9 nice guy mistakes you might be doing. These mistakes may have a negative impact on you in a variety of ways, so let’s talk about “10 Nice Guy Mistakes” and how and why to avoid them.

10 Nice Guy Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Too Nice

If you think that if you are nice to others, they will be nice to you, then you are daydreaming and this is the most common mistake a nice guy will make. In most cases, the opposite will happen.

Actually, what happens is that when someone or something is easy to get, people will never value their importance and run for the people who don’t value them. This is the main reason most girls fall for bad boys instead of someone who is nice to them.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be bad towards them, just be who you really are and be nice to those who deserve it, and don’t become too nice towards others.

2. Hide Their Real Personality

Nice guys hide their original personalities and try to be nice to others no matter what they are really thinking about another person. They don’t want to be bad, and that is what makes them super boring.

People find it boring, especially girls when you are too nice to them because there should be a spark in every relationship. There should be challenges that will make your bond stronger, and if you are nice to them and agree to all their opinions because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, then they will never be interested in you.

Never agree to something that you don’t believe just because the person in front of you believes it.

3. Don’t Chase

Nice guys don’t put in much effort to get the girl they want because, at the beginning of every relationship, you have to chase the girl, but nice guys aren’t the play games type.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but then most ladies love to play chase games before getting into relationships. This is good because if you come directly into a relationship, then your relationship will be boring or sparkless, and in most cases, a breakup is the end result.

The Chase game allows both of you to get to know each other better and strengthens your connection by developing love chemistry between both of you.

4. Don’t Take Chance

They always wait for the perfect chance. This is not only about asking a girl out on a date. There are many other cases where they step back and wait for a good chance to take action.

My friend, you need to be fearless and take the chance. If you want to ask a girl for a date, then you need to take the chance because she is not going to ask you, you have to be that person. You have to make a decision that you want to take her out.

Being fearless doesn’t mean you will ask her for a date on your first meeting. Take your time to know each other first, and then, when you feel comfortable, ask her out, Simple.

5. Apologize Too Much

Nice guys apologize too much. Excessive apologies for matters over which you have little control might make people think less of you. You may believe you are presenting yourself as a decent and nice guy, but you are actually delivering the message that you lack confidence and are worthless.

6. Always A Payer

You don’t always have to pay bills, even if you can. In most cases, nice guys try to pay all the bills not only on dates but also while chilling out with friends. Allow your girl to do something special for you. If you are the only one who buys presents, this might be an indication of a high-maintenance woman.

Don’t pay every time; instead, let her pay. You are her partner, not her bank. It can make her feel better and more capable and not rely on you. However, most loyal women do not seek money; rather, they seek a bold, honest, clever, witty, moderately good-looking, and attractive man.

7. Desire Over Love

When most nice guys strive to be in a relationship, they start falling for anybody they meet because they want to name someone their girlfriend. However, this makes them worthless, immature, and unattractive.

As I mentioned in point number one, women want men who are difficult to get, and this is what creates romantic chemistry between them. Because you chase each other to build a lovely relationship. How to make your love last long?

However, there is no romantic spark in the case of Nice Guys. Instead, it is simply hunger that contributes to a boring and unappealing relationship. Because of this, good guys fall in love with the wrong girls and the ending is always ugly.

8. No Question Asked

Nice people take advice readily and act on it without thinking much about whether it is right or wrong for them. This is your life, and you must make your own choices.

Yes, you may take suggestions, but no one can tell you what to do except the person you see in the mirror. When someone tells you to do anything, consider whether it is essential and useful to you. If the work appears to be worthless to you, just don’t do it.

When anyone special says anything, they just do it, no questions asked, but if something feels wrong to you, put your opinions about it in front of others and clarify them.

9. Saying NO

Nice guys are bad at saying no because they believe it will hurt the feelings of others. However, you should learn to say no whenever someone makes an unreasonable demand on your time.

You should say no to things you don’t enjoy, no to parties you wouldn’t want to go to, and no to activities that are a waste of your time. Learn to say no and you will witness the miracle.

10. Excuse

When they fail at anything, they invent excuses and blame it on the circumstances. It becomes difficult for them to accept failure, so they make excuses. This is linked to their fear of losing, which makes them look immature and weak.

If they are rejected by someone, they make excuses such as being too short, not as attractive, or not as brilliant, but the fact is that no one is perfect. You must put in your best effort, and that is all that is needed to succeed in anything you want.

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